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Hello and welcome to my website.

If this is your first visit to this site, welcome. For those of you who already know me, welcome back.

Based in Richmond, Victoria, I see and treat a range of patients. I was honoured to have been nominated to care for the practice of Dr Bruce Downing after his retirement from IVF in 2007. Dr Downing was one of the founding pioneers of IVF in Australia. A large percentage of my practice is focussed on fertility and I am a trained IVF clinician with Monash IVF Group. I am extremely passionate about advanced laparoscopic surgery for treatment of endometriosis, fibroids and minimally invasive hysterectomies.

As a trained obstetrician and gynaecologist based in Melbourne, I also see a range of women for obstetric care, robotic surgery, and gynaecological care. Please take the time to look over my website to see the full range of services that I offer. My main rooms are situated at one of Victoria’s leading surgical hospitals, Epworth Richmond. I also consult at Box Hill (Ekera Medical Centre). I operate at several locations which keeps my practice staff on their toes. Beyond my private practice I am currently involved in training specialists who wish to enter the field of IVF.

I am a mad keen Richmond Football Club supporter, but please do not hold that against me! I look forward to rare weekends off to spend time with my two young boys and my wife, Kit.

I love the challenges that my patients bring to me. If not for anything else, I am honoured that patients instil great faith in me to provide up to date and continued care as their doctor. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing ‘where to start’. Please get in touch with me and my staff so that we can help make that happen.

With kind regards,

Ken Leong

The Staff at Dr Leong

Sue Harrison

Clinic Nurse

Sue is our practice nurse and midwife. She has come a long way since teaching antenatal night classes as a young midwife whilst juggling work/life balance with three young kids! I have known Sue for years, since working together at Mitcham Private Hospital. Sue was always the quiet calm in the maternity ward. For me as an obstetrician, she is an invaluable resource for my patients both antenatally and postnatally.

Sue now works in my private practice, in all facets of clinical care. Sue assists patients with IVF enquiries, medications and liaises with nursing and embryology staff from all Epworth sites. Sue also handles any pre-operative and post-operative questions for gynaecology patients. Sue also provides routine antenatal care for my obstetric patients.

Sue loves hearing from patients, months (and even years!) down the track. Photos, thank-you cards and notes on her desk are a wonderful reminder of her commitment to care. It gives her immense satisfaction and continues to nourish her role in clinical care.

Laura Attardi - Practice Manager

Laura Attardi

Practice Manager

Laura has been our Practice manager at Richmond for over 12 years. Laura has developed a caring and pragmatic approach to running our practice. I enjoy working with her, she brings quick wit, experience and happiness to every shift. She has a keen eye for detail and prides herself on approaching all patient matters with compassion.

Although Laura works mostly behind the scenes, she is never idle, deferring her nursing degree at ACU to raise her one year old twins and toddler at home. Having worked with several obstetricians and gynaecologists, Laura remains passionate about women’s health, public health and administrative management.

Heather Mudge


Heather is a constant and vibrant support member of our practice. She can resolve just about anything! She has a positive ‘can-do’ approach to administrative management and loves the face to face component of consulting. Being a teacher in a former life, Heather oversees consulting days and delivers administrative assistance to my patients with great care. Heather also works at Epworth Freemasons, bringing a multitude of in-hospital billing, admission and coding skills. Never flustered, always genki and always helpful.

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