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Pre-operative Information

It can be overwhelming coming in for surgery. To prepare mentally and physically, there are many aspects of a hospital admission you might need to arrange for you and your family. Here is some information about coming into hospital for elective surgery.

The day prior to your admission

Bowel Preparation ( laparoscopic surgeries only )

Please take your FLEET oral solution around 3pm the day PRIOR to your procedure. You can buy the preparation over the counter at your local pharmacy. You do not need a prescription. You can still have a light dinner the night prior to your surgery, please follow your bowel preparation sheet from Dr Leong. 

If you are doing a PCR swab test, please remember to purchase your bowel preparation before your Covid-19 test as you will need to isolate at home until your admission to hospital.

Pre-operative Covid-19 Test: 
All elective procedures undertaken at Epworth will continue to require a negative test within 48 hours of the procedure. Epworth are currently accepting rapid antigen tests (RAT) and PCR swab tests. 

All patients, regardless of whether they are submitting a PCR or RAT result, should:

  • be tested within 48 hours of their admission
  • isolate after the test

Where do I go for a PCR test? You can go to a local Covid-19 testing site or you can attend at a Epworth testing site. More information can be found on this link here >

Admission forms: Epworth admission forms need to be completed for each admission, even if you have been to hospital before.

If you have not had a chance to fill your admission form out yet, you can do so by clicking this link with Epworth Richmond

Fasting instructions: You will need to fast for surgery as you will require a general anaesthetic. We usually recommend no eating for at least six hours prior to your admission. 

Water while fasting/no eating: You can have small sips of water (no more than 200ml of water per hour) in the lead up to your admission, but please cease drinking water as soon as you leave home to come to the hospital.

Admission time

Dr Leongs reception team will provide your admission time the business day prior to your surgery. 

The day of your admission:


Please report to main reception, Level 2, Epworth Hospital, 89 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC 3121.
You can enter the hospital via the main glass doors next to Slade pharmacy at the Bridge road entrance. Then, either walk up one flight of stairs to go up to main reception or take the lift (next to the cafe) to Level 2/ main reception. Report to the round desk for your surgery, the staff will then direct you to the day surgery unit.


Coming into the building, you will need to check in with us, sanitise your hands and change your mask (Epworth will provide you with a complimentary N95 mask).

Support person

Unfortunately due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to offer a support person to come with you. Your support person can drop you to main reception but after this point, you will need to enter the admission by yourself.

What do I bring?

Please pack a bag with a change of comfortable clothes, preferred toiletries (especially if staying overnight), medications in original packaging, glasses, slippers, phone and charger and any medical/government/insurance cards. You can also pack a book to read for whilst you wait for your surgery in the admissions lounge. 

After surgery
You will be provided information about the anaesthetic from your anaesthetist, Dr Alan Meads at Anaesthetic Services.
Dr Leong will also provide detailed post operative instructions for laparoscopic surgery. This is usually emailed to you prior to your surgery.

Emergency Pager: If you need to cancel your surgery due to illness or an emergency, please get in touch with Dr Leong via the Dr’s Call Service Melbourne on 03 9387 1000. You or your carer can also use this pager number for urgent post-operative issues.

Going home

A support person will need to collect you after surgery if you are a day surgery case. Epworth hospital admissions team will be in contact with your nominated person via mobile. There is also usually a half hour warning time for you to come and collect you afterwards as well. If you are an overnight admission, the same process will apply in the day/s after your surgery. Due to the anaesthetic, you cannot go home unaccompanied, via taxi or via public transport. Medical certificates for your carer or support person can be arranged on the day from the hospital or in advance via our rooms.

Post operative recovery

Most day surgery cases will be able to go home the same day. If you are booked for an overnight admission, the staff at Epworth Hospital will take care of you during your stay. Our rooms nurse Sue will be in touch in the days after your surgery to discuss your post-operative recovery and book in a follow up appointment. 

We wish you all the best for your upcoming procedure and please be in touch if can help with any further queries.

With best wishes for your surgery.
Kind regards,

Sue, Heather and Laura. 

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